Building a home is less about assembling materials than it is about joining people and drawing the best out of each of them. Because ultimately, you can’t separate the quality of the people from the quality of the product.

Partnering with Design Professionals

Because Mediterraneo Design Build has offered design services in-house for many years, design is in our DNA. Consequently we speak the language of design, understand the design process and are uniquely qualified to help turn smart designs into enduring homes.

If you have an existing relationship with an architect, we’ll be happy to partner with that person and collaborate fully at every stage. In fact, many homeowners find it helpful to have us present when they first meet with the architect, to assess the feasibility of different design options and so avoid developing ideas that could bust your budget.

We will also be happy to present a short list of architects with whom we partner and who, in our opinion, would be well-suited to the style and scope of the new construction or remodel you have in mind.

A free primer on choosing the right builder; even more important than the right faucets or fixtures.

Remodeling Your Home

Remodeling your home to increase its floor space or improve its functionality is often a smart move when your needs have outgrown your house’s current configuration—and you love the neighborhood. Renovating can be particularly cost-effective when real estate markets and the economy are in flux, as they have been for the last few years. But renovations, unlike new construction, can be unpredictable. (Builders are fond of saying, “You never know what you’ll find when you open up a wall.”) So it’s important to have a crew that can respond quickly to surprises on the job site and come up with new solutions.

We have that experience and flexibility. Likewise, our well-developed design sense will come in handy when it’s time to blend the remodeled portion of your home to the original.

Constructing a New Home

Since Mediterraneo was launched in 1991, we’ve been involved in the construction of more than 150 new homes and major remodels. Our crews are seasoned professionals, many of whom have spent more than a decade with us and each job site has a rolling office (trucks and vans fully appointed with wi-fi computer systems) to allow crews to keep in touch with the architects and support crew on the project and, of course, the homeowner when need arises. We do everything in our power to ensure that the finished product faithfully delivers the vision and quality that everyone expected.

That ability to understand design and envision something that hasn’t been built yet is one of our great strengths. As important, we appreciate how much hard work goes into a great design, and how important (and difficult) it is to maintain design integrity as a project unfolds. So whenever we offer suggestions, they’re specific, constructive and respectful.

How We Work

There’s an old building adage, “Many hands make work light.” We might para- phrase it to say, “ Many minds make work right,” because close collaboration is at the heart of every project we undertake. We love the free exchange of ideas because, as it solves problems, it also builds trust. And when a building project hits a rough patch—as every project inevitably does—all parties can express themselves honestly and so reach a resolution sooner. We wouldn’t work any other way and everyone we bring onto a job— especially our excellent cadre of subs—feels the same way.

Managing a Project

A project manager who’s familiar with all phases of design and construction can simplify your life considerably. When Mediterraneo manages a job, we provide a single contact point for all scheduling questions, change orders, design tweaks, updates and the thousand-and-one other things that invariably crop up during a project. To better manage this flow of information we’ve invested a hefty sum in communications technology. Presently, all of our vans and trucks have wi-fi so we can access any essential business from a job site. And soon we will be implementing a unique back-end system that will allow our clients and partners to access job status at any time, from anywhere.

On Building Green

We’d like to clear the air about building green. If it means creating homes that are comfortable, energy-efficient, healthful, resource-conserving and durable… we’ve been doing it for decades. If, on the other hand, it means jumping on the green sales bandwagon and, say, installing over-hyped, under-validated and potentially costly systems that customers don’t really need, then we’ll take the road less traveled, thank you very much. 

That noted, at the beginning of every project we do our best to understand clients’ lifestyles, energy use and environmental concerns and, if needed, present “green building options” for their consideration. At every stage, we listen carefully and work closely with the architect and other team members to address client needs responsibly and cost-effectively. Often, building green doesn’t raise costs appreciably but when it does, we can help find solutions that will satisfy design, performance and budgetary concerns.

Learning More

If you have other questions about any phase of construction or would like to see a brief overview of the key phases of a design/build project, please go to our FAQ page. It contains most of the more common questions clients and prospects have asked us in our 19+ years of business.